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// conversation peace // Henry Rollins Can’t Call Himself a Photographer

Famed for his punk rock, Henry Rollins is also an actor, an author, and now a photographer — yet, that last description is not one he will readily assume, even though his new photo-essay, Occupants, collects quotidian burdens in mostly non-Western locales like South and Southeast Asia, Saudi Arabia and South Africa.

The former frontman of Black Flag writes, “I am not a photographer, just someone with a lot of visas in his passport and a camera on his shoulder. The last thing I wanted was for someone to think I was being pretentious.”

For those of you who are professionals or hobbyists in photography, when was the moment you could call yourself a photographer? Do you remember? If you haven’t reached that moment, what do you think is preventing you? What is more important: to know you are a photographer when a camera is in your hands or to simply take photographs without adopting a role?

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There are no correct answers on Accord Progression, only Conversation Peace.

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By Henry Rollins
Published October 1, 2011
Chicago Review Press
// available here //

Move with Accord Progression


Dhaka, Bangladesh

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

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