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To Be Honest | You’re Not Going to Like This


I’m going to make this personal and impersonal. I’m going to pretend you love a contradiction. I’m going to pretend you are one. I’m going to keep the compositions of my photographs tight on the artists and their work and their materials—except for one image—because I’m not completely evil. I’m incompletely so. And I’m going to omit a sense of environment but not a sense of atmosphere.

Your mind is going to form the atmosphere, but it will be false because the details are incomplete. You’re not going to like this as much as you thought you would, when you clicked on this article. You’re not going to know the size of the venue. You’re not going to know the number of attendees. You’re not going to determine if they were wealthy, poor, hipsters, hot celebrities, extraterrestrial refugees, or time-traveling tourists. You’re not going to know my feelings about the art or the artists. You’re not going to learn their biographies here.

You’re only going to learn I photographed the live painters—Jules Muck, Johnie Thornton, and Robert Vargas—at this event. Anything else you want to learn you’ll have to Google, using the few search terms from the event flyer. I made this personal and impersonal. Now what are you going to make it?

— Tommy Tung

Robert Vargas


Johnie Thornton

Johnie Thornton

Jules Muck

Jules Muck

Robert Vargas

Robert Vargas


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