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Surviving Job Loss | Five Steps | One Mindful Method


Many of you have jobs.

And if you have a job, at some point you may lose one due to termination or layoffs. The liquor industry often sees a spike in sales that day. The conditioned mind also tends to be garrulous at such times. It can cement your psychology and say things like, “This never happens to bad people,” or “This is what you get for being who you are.” It can tell you that there is no way to un-fuck this tragedy.

Gloomy topic? It depends on how you metabolize it. In American culture, we commonly avoid discussing death—of our bodies and of our jobs—when it’s much healthier to talk about eventualities. As the Dalai Lama said in an interview with ABC, the fear of death is unnecessary: “Death is part of our life…so death means [we] change our clothes. Clothes become old [and] then [the] time comes [to] change [them].”

That’s why I’m writing this—to tell you that a job loss isn’t the end of the story. It’s just a new arc in the narrative. I know this because I was excommunicated from one of the highest circulated art magazines in the U.S.

And I’m still standing.

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—Tommy Tung

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