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I am fond of charcoal drawings and inkwash paintings because of their monochromatic simplicity. They get to the essence. So when I wandered into the GR2 Gallery one day and saw work by Stasia Burrington, I didn’t hesitate to photograph her portraits of women. On her blog, Burrington calls her inkwash”sumi,” and this East Asian type of brush painting goes by several names too: shuǐ mò huà (水墨畫) in Chinese, sumi-e (墨絵) in Japanese, sumukhwa (수묵화) in Korean, and tranh thủy mặc (幀水墨) in Vietnamese.

IMG_1210 IMG_1209 IMG_1208

According to her site, “Stasia Burrington (born Stasia Kato) is a freelance illustrator, sequential and fine artist who is currently living in Seattle, WA. Her passions lie in the visual arts—in all forms, experimental cooking, camping, theology and science fiction, among others.”

—Tommy Tung

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