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Surviving Job Loss | Five Steps | One Mindful Method

Many of you have jobs. And if you have a job, at some point you may lose one due to termination or layoffs. The liquor industry often sees a spike in sales that day. The conditioned mind also tends to be garrulous at such times. It can cement your psychology and say things like, “This … Continue reading

photography | a teacher

Photography is a teacher. It teaches me about the present moment and impermanence. I will doubtfully see this crow perch the same way again with the same sunlight and wind. I will doubtfully see this crow again. Photography is a teacher. It teaches me gratitude. —Tommy Tung Move with Accord Progression on Facebook Visit its sibling site Fiction, … Continue reading

A Guide to Writing Guides: a meta-guide

  You’ve been tasked with explaining a process to your colleagues, clients, or end users. You remember those needlessly nightmarish instructions for electronic appliances and furniture that fold out into a quilt of pages. You have no desire to produce such literature.   You already notice this guide is easier. The prose so far has … Continue reading

// conversation peace // I make that choice

On one Saturday morning, I walk before the sun is high above me. I walk when it is shooting at an angle, which means buildings and trees cast their shadows on me, and I need their shadows, just as I need to walk and slow down. The Digital Age has been killing me lately and … Continue reading

// conversation peace // tropism

I stopped to photograph this, and I considered how we photograph patterns in plants, crystals, and other natural phenomena. We find them attractive. We do not often photograph our own patterns however. Ours are much harder to document. Today, your homework assignment is to open the doors of perception before you go through the world. If … Continue reading