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On one Saturday morning, I walk before the sun is high above me.

I walk when it is shooting at an angle, which means buildings and trees cast their shadows on me, and I need their shadows, just as I need to walk and slow down. The Digital Age has been killing me lately and I have allowed it to do so. After all, I use an iPhone and a laptop. I make that choice. At my office job, I face two computer monitors to process information faster and to have multiple windows open. I make that choice.

So on Saturday morning, I make the choice to not digest digital information. I choose to walk deliberately and mindfully. I choose to take my time, because that is the currency I am given by this multiverse. I choose to value the quality of time instead of its quantity. I stop for the details, I acknowledge them, and I dance with them. I find branches hanging that I would have been blind to, if I had been driving or walking in a hurry. What do you notice when you slow down?

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There are no correct answers on Accord Progression, only Conversation Peace.

—Tommy Tung

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